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Dilatometric Tests (DMT)

The frame "DMT" serves to input the way of introducing of constrained soil modulus into the program - either as a parameter of soil (by checking the option "Input MDMT as a soil parameter"), or by importing of a dilatometric test (DMT).

The results of dilatometric test (DMT) are imported into the program by inserting the file in format UNI (*.uni). It's a standardized and universal format for import of the measured data obtained from dilatometric tests, which is used in the world.

Then in the frame it's possible to edit the name of dilatometric test and the depth of the first point of DMT h from the finished grade.

This frame contains a table with list of the input values of dilatometric test (DMT). Adding of values is performed in the "New value of testdialog window, where is specified the depth z and the measured values of constrained soil modulus MDMT [MPa].

If during the evaluation of dilatometric test is measured the zero value of constrained soil modulus MDMT, then program allows the automatic correction of measurement errors - instead of zero value is considered the arithmetic average of the next upper and lower non-zero value of MDMT in the calculation.

Note: The frame is accessible only in the case, when in the "Settings" frame is selected method of calculation with option "Analysis using constrained modulus" ("Settlement" tab).

Frame "DMT"