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Pressiometric Tests (PMT)

The frame "Pressiometric tests" serves to input the name of a pressiometric test and depth of the first point of PMT h [m] from the finished grade.

The results of pressiometric test (PMT) are imported into the program by pressing the ""Import" button. The procedure of an import of table data is more desribed herein.

This frame contains a table with list of the input values of pressiometric test (PMT). Adding of values is performed in the "New value of test", dialog window, where is specified the depth z [m] (in the x, y coordinate system) and the measured values of pressiometric (Menard) modulus Em [MPa].

Note: The frame is accessible only in the case, when in the "Settings" frame is selected an option "pressiometer PMT" (the "Pressure Analysis" tab) and together for the modulus of subsoil reaction is chosen the option "input pressiometer test" in the "Modulus Kh" frame.

Frame "Pressiometric tests"