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Add Borehole

New boreholes can be added to the model using an "Add graphically" or "Add textually" buttons.

Frame "Geological Model" - adding of new borehole

If there is no borehole selected, when "Add" button is used, the new borehole is generated from the geological model.

Adding a new borehole with automatical generation of layers according to the geological model is important for editation of the geological model (the model is edited using boreholes - if there is no borehole in place of the model where we want to edit it, it is necessary to add a new borehole at this location) or soil lens creation.

The layers of new borehole were generated from the geological model

If there is a borehole selected when "Add" button is used, the new borehole is a copy of selected borehole.

Adding new borehole, that is a copy of the existing one, is used in the examples: Stratigraphy Model with Layers following Terrain, Creation of Soil Lens, Modelling of Faults.

New borehole is a copy of selected borehole

The "Undo" button is an important program tool. It allows to return back to the original state before any modification.

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