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Load - LC

The "Load - LCframe serves to specify individual load cases (construction, service) and the load caused by the bridge and transition slab. Verification and dimensioning analyses of the entire bridge abutment or only its part are carried out according to the specified type of LC.

When performing the analysis according to EN 1997 or LRFD, the input load due to bridge and transition slab is not INCREASED by any partial factors. The input forces must be determined in accordance with the corresponding standards (EN 1990, EN 1991).

No load is specified in case of construction state and the abutment is verified in a given stage of construction without a closure wall and bridge wings.

In case of service state the abutment is loaded by the bridge and transition slab, the entire abutment is verified.

For abutment verification it appears advantageous to exploit the stage of construction and specify in individual stages different load cases (e.g. construction state, service state without live load, service state with all loads). Individual stages then allow to input different loads, surcharges, terrain shapes, type of pressure analysis (active, at rest), design coefficients, etc.

"Load - LC" frame

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