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Correction Factor for Stiffness of Bearing Stratum Cb

The values of the factor Cb are generally presented as a function of the ratio of modulus of elasticity of pile and secant modulus of soil at the pile base and the surrounding soil (Eb /Es) for various pile-stiffness factor K and various pile length to pile diameter ratios (l/d). These graphs are implemented in the program in a digital format.

Base modulus correction factor for baseload Cb (L/d = 10)

Base modulus correction factor for baseload Cb (L/d = 5)


Poulos, H. G. et. Davis, E. H.: Pile Foundations Analysis and Design. New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1980, chapter 5.3.3, pp. 87 - 88 (figure 5.14).

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