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Wall Analysis

This tab allows to input parameters for the wall analysis:

  • Active earth pressure calculation (Caquot, Coulomb (ČSN 730037), Müller-Breslau (DIN 4085), Mazindrani (Rankine), Absi).
  • Passive earth pressure calculation (Caquot-Kerisel (ČSN 730037), Coulomb, Müller-Breslau, Sokolovski (DIN 4085), Mazindrani (Rankine), Absi).
  • Earthquake analysis (Mononobe-Okabe, Arango, JTJ 004-89, JTS 146-2012, SL 203-97).
  • Shape of earth wedge (Calculate as skew, Consider always vertical).
  • Base key (The base key is considered as front face resistance; the base key is considered as inclined footing bottom).
  • Allowable eccentricity - for assesment of contact stress at footing bottom is the value assumed of maximum allowable eccentricity in range of 0.1 to 0.4.
  • Internal stability - this way of calculation is adopted in "MSE Wall". Slip surface has a different shape (straight, broken) according to the selected standard of calculation.
  • Hinge Height Concept - represents the way of analysis of precast walls according to AASHTO, in which the favorably acting gravity force of a part of the structure is reduced. It is used only in "Redi Rock Wall" program. This program also allows for inputting the "Coefficient of reduction of first block-base".
  • In the case of verification methodology according to the limit states and factor of safety, it is possible to reduce the parameters of the foundation - soil interface. The coefficient of reduction of structure - soil interface µ represents the amount of wall resistance against slip resp. against translation when in contact with the soil.
  • When running the verification analysis according to the theory of limit states, the program enables the reduction of the tangent of the angle of internal friction φ employing the coefficient γ.
  • Verification methodology (factor of safety, limit states, analysis according to EN 1997, analysis according to LRFD, analysis according to the chinese standards).
  • Design situations are specified for all verification methodologies.

"New settings" dialog window - "Wall analysis" tab