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Terrain - Plane and Polygonal Slip Surface

The frame "Terrain" contains a table with a list of defined sections of a rock slope.

The coordinates of the origin - the first point of terrain followed by defined sections - are entered in the upper part of the frame. In the program the slope is always oriented from the left to the right.

Adding section is performed in the "New section" dialog window. These sections can also be edited on desktop with the help of active objects.

Each section can be defined by its dip, by the overall length of section, by the horizontal length and height of section of a rock slope. Only two selected values are used while the others are determined by the program automatically (if more than two entry fields are checked than the input and computation are not carried out). Both vertical and horizontal sections as well as overhangs can be represented.

In case of a proper input the program automatically plots the defined section on desktop using dashed line, so that before accepting the defined section by pressing the "Add" button it is possible to check, whether the section is correctly defined.

Frame "Terrain"