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Import LandXML

Programs "Terrain" and "Stratigraphy" allow you to import data in LandXML format. Select the "Import", "Format LandXML" item in the program menu ("File") and then select the file to be imported in the standard way.

Import LandXML

The loaded data is displayed in the dialog window, which allows to select individual layers to be loaded as points and interfaces. The same dialog window also allows to modify the unit used when creating the LandXML file. The structure can also be moved. The program offers the following options:

  • do not move - this option reads data in the same way as they were input
  • automatically from zero - this option moves the structure left bottom corner to the coordinate system origin
  • input - this option allows to define the shift manually

Up on import the program automatically adjusts the world margains based on the loaded data.

Supported LandXML elements: Units, Alignments, CgPoints, Parcels, PlanFeatures, Roadways, Surfaces, Survey.

Not supported LandXML elements: GradeModel, Spiral curves except clothoids.

Loading data

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