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The frame "Settings" allows to introduce the basic settings of the program, such as standards and theories of analysis, the way of proving safety of a structure and individual coefficients of the analysis.

The programs not only contain the pre-defined basic Settings for individual countries, but also allow the user to create their own user-defined Settings, which can be subsequently used in all GEO5 programs.

The "Select" button allows to choose already created settings from the "Settings list".

The "Settings Administrator" button opens the "Administrator" dialog window, which allows for viewing and modifying individual Setting. It is also possible to identify the visible settings in the Settings list. Data in the Settings administrator can be also exported and imported.

The "Add to the administrator" button allows to create user-defined Settings, which are subsequently added to the Settings administrator.

The "Modify" button enables a quick visualization and editing of the current Setting in the opened program. Modifying any of the parameters changes the title to "Input for the current task". Individual analyses are then performed with this local setting. Should we consider this setting as suitable also for other tasks, we add the setting into the "Settings administrator" by pressing the "Add to the administrator" button.

The "Input for the current task" setting is usually created when importing older data.

Settings of analysis parameters are performed in the "Materials and standards".

The type of field tests (CPT, SPT, PMT) used for analysis of bearing capacity and settlement is selected in this frame. According to the selected type of field tests, the frame "CPT", "SPT" or "PMT" is displayed.

In case of CPT tests, the type of analysis for bearing capacity is also selected (Meyerhof, Schmertmann, Skempton).

In case of analysis according to the Meyerhof method (CPT or SPT), the frames "Profile", "Soils" and "Assign" are not displayed. All calculations are based just on the data from field tests.

For horizontal bearing capacity the type of analysis is selected (drained conditions, undrained conditions).

In this frame is also possibility to decide if we want to analyse spread footing settlement or carry out soil classification.

Frame "Settings"

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