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The coordinate system and type of task is selected in the frame "Settings".

  • classical 3D model
  • simplified 2D model - designed especially for line constructions

The type of model smoothing is also selected in this frame.

Furthermore, the way of modelling must be determined. Generation of geological model is performed automatically when the terrain or field tests are changed, or manually using the "Generate" button in the "Geological Model" frame. Manual generation is appropriate especially for larger models, or when working on less powerful computers.

The orthophotomap can be projected on the generated terrain model (DMT). This map is defined by three points (1, 2, 3) which are placed to the coordinates of the model. Points 1 and 2 define bottom corners of the map, point 3 defines its perpendicular distance to the bottom edge of the map (connection between points 1 and 2). It is necessary to input points 1 and 2, the point 3 can be undefined (then original ratio of the map is applied). Input of point 3 can be used also for mirroring of the map - in this case points 1 and 2 define upper edge of the map.

Frame "Settings"