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The "Reinforcement" frame contains a table with the list of input groups of reinforcements and their geometries.

Frame "Reinforcement"

Adding (editing) groups of geo-reinforcements is performed in the "New (edit) reinforcement" dialog window. The input reinforcements can also be edited on the desktop with the help active dimensions or active objects, respectively. Each input group of reinforcements requires inputting in the dialog window the number of reinforcements and type, height of the first reinforcement, reinforcement spacing and their geometry.

The program allows for inserting (insert) another group of reinforcements in between the already input groups. Inserting a new group is performed in the "Inserted reinforcement" dialog window that is identical with the "New reinforcement" dialog window. The newly introduced (inserted) block is put below the currently selected block of a structure. The "Remove" button deletes a group of reinforcements.

Dialog window "Edit reinforcement"